Social isolation is a crisis in the special needs community.

We all have a fundamental need to belong, but it is common for children with disabilities to be bullied or shunned.  Families feel isolated and the kids are excluded from common social activities: no play-dates, parties or sleepovers. No dates or dances.

Relationships give our lives meaning, purpose and encouragement in difficult times. We grow by relating and being with others.

Our social-skill building programs and summer camps are packed with teachable moments providing lasting benefits and continuity for steady growth in inclusive and social environments.

Our passion and purpose is to develop a sense of belonging for children and young adults with special needs. 

We cultivate social inclusiveness and community, and provide opportunities to learn social and life skills, and connect and thrive.

Our impact is real. Be part of the solution and follow the Sunshine!


We see the world as HEALED and WHOLE where all people with

special needs are respected, included and supported.




Camp is more than fun and games for children living with autism, it is a unique experience that allows them to experience a sense of independence and step outside of their comfort zones.  Social isolation continues to be the main source of stress among children on the spectrum. Building Social skills and connecting with others is essential for them to develop confidence and a support network.  Camp encourages these kids to interact with one another and gives them the courage to interact in new environments.

Watching a physically disabled child make it to the top of the rock wall, a child afraid of the water swim or canoe for the first time or a socially challenged kid stand on stage in front of hundreds during our talent show. These are all moments that will bring the strongest person to tears. 

We start each day at camp with opening ceremonies. This is where all campers and volunteers come together to sing and dance as one. This past summer, we introduced the song This is Me from the Greatest Showman. This is a song about acceptance. Watching 200+ people sing and dance to it will give you the chills. 

The Big Bear Experience will take the camp experience to a whole new level.  The journey begins with a 5-hour bus ride.  In the past, they have been used to a 1-hour bus ride.  For many this will be a more enduring test in patience.  Our team of volunteers will be equipped with fun and educational strategies to help each child cope and overcome the challenges of new experiences. The campers will dine in a new facility and engage in different activities that will gently encourage and push them past their known habits. As with most people, anything new can be scary and this experience will stretch each child in many directions. We all know that variety and challenges make us stronger, the same goes for children with special needs.

We are very excited that the Big Bear Experience will enable us to bring a brand-new experience to our campers and volunteer staff. There will be many new opportunities available at this turn-key facility that would otherwise not be possible. The level of effort will now shift away from camp operations and instead be more focused on the children and the activities themselves. 

In the past we have always had to limit the children based on how many volunteers are available for camp. But now the only thing that limits more children from experiencing the magic of camp is funds. Please find room in your heart and your wallet to help make camp possible for more kids living with autism.

Thank you for your consideration.

Christopher Bache

Volunteer Camp Director

Sunshine Nevada



Sunshine Nevada Organization’s (SNO) 20-year history in the special needs community makes partnering with Special Sources (SS) a natural collaboration. SNO helps acquire content and co-plans, promotes and produces Special Days & Nights for Special Kids.

Special Sources purpose is to offer critical and useful information that will enable caregivers to locate a variety of support services and resources such as: qualified medical professionals and therapists, funding sources, education options, and support networks to help eliminate feelings of frustration, hopelessness and isolation.

This resource magazine and website are designed to be practical, informative and provide a measurable benefit to the community. We want to empower individuals to make more informed choices by consolidating listings and information in an easy to read and easy to find format!



Special Days & Nights

Special Days and Nights are dedicated to children with special needs, their families, and caretakers. These events help bring together the special needs community, offering them new social connections, friendships, and networking opportunities with others that share their challenges

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Our specialized camp programs inspire all campers to reach their full potential.  These camps emphasize personal growth, structure, small group dynamics and the campers receive abundant individualized attention all in a private setting where the campers enjoy typical outdoor camp activities.

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