Social isolation is a crisis in the special needs community.

We all have a fundamental need to belong, but it is common for children with disabilities to be bullied or shunned.  Families feel isolated and the kids are excluded from common social activities: no play-dates, parties or sleepovers. No dates or dances.

Relationships give our lives meaning, purpose and encouragement in difficult times. We grow by relating and being with others.

Our social-skill building programs and summer camps are packed with teachable moments providing lasting benefits and continuity for steady growth in inclusive and social environments.

Our passion and purpose is to develop a sense of belonging for children and young adults with special needs. 

We cultivate social inclusiveness and community, and provide opportunities to learn social and life skills, and connect and thrive.

Our impact is real. Be part of the solution and follow the Sunshine!


We see the world as HEALED and WHOLE where all people with

special needs are respected, included and supported.


September 12, 2019

6:30 – 9:30 pm at Tivoli Village

2nd level (The View Area)


Enjoy an 18th Century evening of intrigue, mystery and fantasy featurung secret guests, ostumes, signature cocktails and savory Hor’s d’oeurvers from your favorite local eateries, live music and entertainment, and unforgettable interactive exxperiences. Procees raised benifit Sunshine Nevada’s commitment to providing our special needs community with social and life skills development programs and opportunites whic gelp relieve the isolation often experienced by special needs families.


Masks desired with Cocktail attire (Mask contest included in the evening). Costumes are encouraged and rewarded.


Join  us, spend a night in disguise.

Limited tickets available.

Tickets are $125 per person. this event is designed for adults 18+



Sunshine Nevada Organization’s (SNO) 20-year history in the special needs community makes partnering with Special Sources (SS) a natural collaboration. SNO helps acquire content and co-plans, promotes and produces Special Days & Nights for Special Kids.

Special Sources purpose is to offer critical and useful information that will enable caregivers to locate a variety of support services and resources such as: qualified medical professionals and therapists, funding sources, education options, and support networks to help eliminate feelings of frustration, hopelessness and isolation.

This resource magazine and website are designed to be practical, informative and provide a measurable benefit to the community. We want to empower individuals to make more informed choices by consolidating listings and information in an easy to read and easy to find format!



Special Days & Nights

Special Days and Nights are dedicated to children with special needs, their families, and caretakers. These events help bring together the special needs community, offering them new social connections, friendships, and networking opportunities with others that share their challenges

Camp Programs

Our specialized camp programs inspire all campers to reach their full potential.  These camps emphasize personal growth, structure, small group dynamics and the campers receive abundant individualized attention all in a private setting where the campers enjoy typical outdoor camp activities.

Shine Your Light

Volunteers make what we do possible!!!  Each year we will recruit, screen and train hundreds of volunteers.  Improve the quality of Life for another (and for yourself!) Sign up to Volunteer today!