Torino Ranch



A special thanks to the Brett Torino Foundation and Staff, Torino Ranch and the Torino Ranch Team. for donating all of the facilities and services to maintain the ranch for the betterment of all programs.


…located at the base of Mount Charleston and adjacent to the Red Rock Conservation Area within the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Spring-fed streams fill its crystal clear lakes and waterfalls, and feed its hundreds of organic fruit trees and organic greenhouse. Located at an elevation of 6,000 feet, the ranch is a sparkling jewel of natural beauty complete with camper villages, lodge, amphitheater, and other amenities.


Of course, this oasis did not just appear on the horizon; it is the result of monumental energy and resources that brought it from its raw form when it was purchased over seventeen years ago to the sanctuary that it is today. While the major transformation has been completed, maintenance and further development of the Ranch and its amenities continue in order to meet the needs of its campers.


Every summer Torino Ranch hosts a number of camp programs for thousands of individuals including children, teens and adults with special needs and their families, as well as the volunteers and support staff needed to execute these camp programs. Each camp provides medical support staff for the campers with critical illnesses, along with support services for those with physical, psychological or emotional issues. The primary purpose of all programs at Torino Ranch is to create a sense of hope, healing and belonging for the campers, parents and volunteers who attend, while also fostering a profound connection with the natural environment.


The Ranch is the camper’s playground and their sanctuary – a place of peace. This is where children, teens and adults leading difficult lives can leave their worries behind and — laugh, play and enjoy life. The Ranch represents a respite and a sense of serenity and calm for parents and caretakers. Each year, returning campers greet old friends and make new ones in our secluded and nurturing environment, while sharing life-enhancing experiences with others who face similar challenges.


With its broad range of recreational facilities, Torino Ranch offers adventure and creative based programming activities including: challenge courses, swimming, canoeing, archery, singing and dancing, music and theatre, game and various sports, gardening, nature exploration and hiking. Here, children, teens and adults with chronic medical problems or challenging life situations can shift their focus and experience instead the joy of discovery and adventure. With its hundreds of fruit trees, flowering gardens and organic horticulture, Torino Ranch’s rich and balanced ecosystem makes it an ideal environment for enlightening programs that raises every guests awareness of nature, ecology, conservation, organic gardening and appreciation for healthy organic alternatives.