During the holidays, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for the wonderful experience that my sons had at Camp TLC. Taylor and Connor enjoyed every minute of their time at Torino Ranch and cannot wait to return. Under the careful guidance of their counselors, the boys were able to overcome fears that impede their ability to participate in typical childhood activities. I could never have imagined that they would willingly sleep, eat, and shower in an unfamiliar setting without a family member supervising their activities. They are so proud of themselves for demonstrating bravery, independence, and social skills. They felt like typical kids, if only for 3 days.

It is rare that parents of kids with special needs (Autism) get a break. Your camp afforded me the first true respite from the often overwhelming responsibility of caring for these special kids. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to rest, knowing that my boys were safe with your qualified and loving volunteers, counselors, and staff members.

Camp TLC is magical. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.


Aggie Partington, Parent

First, I cannot wait till next camp!

I had never worked with Autistic children before and really wanted to get a basic understanding of how it works. The children at Camp TLC were amazing! My camper, Sarina was this incredible teenager who cared about everyone around her. The beauty of the camp experience is that I got to see Sarina reach beyond herself and grow. Sarina had multiple conversations with me about wanting to be the best person she could. It was so much fun to participate in the many different activities offered at camp and then to see Sarina even go to activities she was not crazy about but her friends wanted to so she participated too. And a very rewarding part about camp was seeing Sarina hop on stage and dance for everyone! Then, amazingly, Sarina was the lead singer in the talent contest. She practiced so hard and had such a presence!

It is rare that you get the opportunity to share getting to know a child as special as Sarina. Thank you camp TLC!

Laura Picton-Hildreth, Volunteer

My time at camp TIC has been indescribable. The atmosphere is just so uplifting and there’s never a dull day. You get there and all the counselors are so excited and just pumped up to try to make a difference. Then the campers start arriving. The happiness you see on their face is a reward in itself. Then there’s the Peer Buddies, who play such an important role in the camper’s experience. And they do such a great job.

Overall, Camp TLC has opened my eyes to a whole new way of life. And I am so thankful for being given the opportunity to participate in this experience.

Ariana Picton, Volunteer

Camp TLC was an extraordinary experience for my son, Lucas, as well as his sister/Peer buddy, Lily. The attention and focus on making it a fun, inclusive and stress-free experience for kids on the spectrum is truly what sets this camp apart. Certainly, the setting is beautiful, the cabins are comfortable and fun and the camp amenities are spectacular; however, it was the staff and their focus on the kids’ varied needs which made the experience so memorable and special! Knowing his peer buddy and counselor were there just for him, having advanced notice of the schedule and the flexibility for him to modify it based on his day, and having such a nice balance between structured time and free time empowered Lucas throughout the camp. It was so wonderful to witness these moments of pure “kid power” throughout the weekend, whether canoeing, rock climbing, creating art or just participating in impromptu water fights.

Camp TLC staff and counselors are passionate professionals with a desire to make the camp a good experience for the kids on the spectrum, and the experience and knowledge to turn that into a reality. Lucas has been talking about camp TLC since we buckled up to drive home, and I won’t hear the end of it until we pull back into the parking lot next summer! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an amazing experience for my son. He doesn’t realize how special it is that he gets to experience summer camp just like any other kid, but his very greatful mom does. Thank you for letting Lucas participate!

Ingrid Reisman, Parent and Volunteer

This year I was selected as a volunteer counselor at camp TLC and my personal experience was eye opening, but so was the selflessness I observed by all the staff and volunteers. The camp taught the campers that they can be away from home without their family and have a good time. Their parents also learned that being separated from their kids for a few days would not kill them or their children. The camp motivated independent behavior, socialization and skill building in a safe enviorment. The camper’s boundries were expanded by trying activities that were scary (riding in a conoe, rock-wall climbing, swimming in a lake) and discovered they were fun! The kids met other chidren who facedd challenges similat to theirs and others who struggle with even more. Many new friends were made by campers and colunteers and at the closing ceremonies the campers were full of excitment and begging to stay longer at the Torino Ranch mountain wonderland! A special thanks to Camp TLC for your tireless effort to make a fream come true for children in our community.

Louise Erps, Volunteer

I was a volunteer, my daughter was a camper and my son was a peer buddy at Camp TLC. Our Camp TLC experience was one of the most memorable experiences for my family. Camp TLC staff and Sunshine Nevada staff was fun, friendly and very helpful. Camp TLC did a wonderful job teaming up my daughter with a phenomenal counselor and peer buddy. My children had a blast with all the activies provided for them. Ofter, my children, especially my daughter tells our family and friends how grreat Camp TLC was. Thank you so much for making our summer a memerable one.

Katherine Buenaventura, Parent and Volunteer

Separation is a part of growing up, right? Well for a special group of campers with an autism diagnosis (attending Camp TLC) separation is not an easy task. I am proud to be a volunteer camp counselor to help ease that separation anxiety, making a difference in children’s lives and being part of an organization that is making it all possible. Torino Ranch is a special place for me and all of the campers who are lucky enough to experience this magical place. As a teacher I am aware of the several positive developmental outcomes besides the “FUN” aspect of summer camp. Being a camp volunteer is not new for me. I have volunteered for many Sunshine Nevada programs since I was 16 years old and this by far is one of my favorites. Seeing the Kid’s faces when paddling a canoe for the first time, catching tadpoles out of the lake and watching the parents’s tears of joy as they observe their child’s growth at closing ceremonies is worth it all! Thanks Camp TLC for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children in our community.

Stephanie Carrell, Volunteer