Our Mission

To provide hope and life-enriching experiences for children with special needs and children who are vulnerable and living in at-risk situations. We do this by engaging them in social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth activities through the use of recreation, education, socialization and connecting with nature.

Our Purpose


• To serve children with special needs and those whose lives are challenged by life-altering circumstances.

• To be an advocate for children with special needs, life-altering conditions and/or circumstances.

• To provide a private and safe educational and recreational environment adhering to high standards of general camping practices.

• To design and provide a camp program that will allow children to increase their understanding of themselves and others with similar situations.

• To design and provide a camp program that will teach the campers the social and physical skills that will encourage them to take the risks necessary to increase their ability and reach their full potential.

• To design and provide a camp program free of pressure and competition where everyone feels connected and accepted.

• To provide staff training that will increase understanding of the children we serve, demonstrate how best to work with these children and encourage and foster personal and professional development.

• To work collectively with the families of campers, organizations and other professionals who are invested in the lives of the children we serve.


Our Vision

Every life is precious, and as individuals, we can make profound changes in the lives of others, one by one.