Live On Legacy Society

When you include a gift for Sunshine Nevada in your will, set up a charitable gift annuity, or make Sunshine Nevada a beneficiary of your investment account/policy, you are supporting our unique, life-enhancing programs and services for decades to come.

Members of Sunshine Nevada’s Live On Legacy Society are invited to special programs and acknowledged in our annual report and quarterly newsletter. And, by participating, you will encourage others to follow your example. Most importantly, your support ensures our ability to continue research and development of innovative, quality programs, which fill much needed service gaps in the community.

By making a planned gift, you become a member of our Live On Legacy Society alongside other donors committed to making a difference today and for years to come.

There are many ways to share our vision to deliver the highest quality programs and services to children, teens and adults with disabilities and special needs.





Wills Or Living Trusts

A bequest made in a will or living trust is a simple way to give, not only helping Sunshine Nevada, but also providing possible estate tax benefits.

You can make a substantial contribution without reducing the assets available to you during your lifetime. For example, you can transfer a specific asset, such as stock or real estate. You can also leave a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to Sunshine Nevada.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust enables you to convert appreciated securities or real estate assets into lifetime income without having to pay capital gains tax. This can help to reduce or eliminate estate tax. Upon the donor’s death, the remaining trust assets are transferred to Sunshine Nevada.

Appreciated Securities

Gift of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other appreciated securities offer significant tax advantages.

Retirement Plans

There are both income tax and estate tax benefits to donating an IRA or other retirement funds. Sunshine Nevada can be named as the primary or contingent beneficiary of IRA’s annuities, 401K plans and other pension and profit sharing plans.

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance offer a tax deduction as well as an easy way to support Sunshine Nevada. A donor can name Sunshine Nevada as a beneficiary and a tax deduction can be taken.

Please let us know if you are remembering Sunshine Nevada in your Will or Trust Fund. This information helps us plan for the future and enables us to honor you as a member of our Live On Legacy Society.

*This information is not intended as specific legal or tax advice. Please contact your attorney when considering any legal matter. State laws which govern wills and contracts vary and are subject to change.

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