Volunteer positions vary, but in general, a volunteer applicant must be 18 years or older.

Please check the “Get Involved” section on our website for more details on the various volunteer positions that are available.

The volunteer program is essential to the success of our camp programs. Sunshine Nevada programs depend on over 1200 volunteers each summer. We have a variety of volunteer positions available – for more detailed information, please check out the “Get Involved” section on our website. Volunteers can participate by donating their time for 1 day, 2 days or if they would like to be a Counselor, 3 – 5 days are required including one day of training prior to Camp.

Volunteer Counselors accompany campers to activities and take care of the daily living needs of our campers. Volunteers are a wonderful part of Camp, bringing spirit, fresh ideas, and energy to our Camp program.

Volunteers are housed in our log cabins or can tent if they choose to. Volunteer counselors and Cabin Directors stay in a log cabin with up to eight or nine campers and at least one other adult volunteer.

All meals are provided in our dining area and are eaten with the campers and other volunteers and staff. Vegetarian and Vegan options are always available.

Each camp program varies in length from 3 to 4 days; you can choose to volunteer for one or more of the camp sessions. There are options to volunteer for one or two days as well. We do ask all volunteers to exit the ranch and return upon their next camp session (we do not allow long term living at ranch/camp).

Sunshine Nevada camp programs are designed for children, teens and young adults with special needs. Some of those special needs are: Autism and other neurological conditions; Heart Conditions and/or other health related conditions. Please refer to Our Programs & Services section of our website for more details about each specialized camp program.

We do not exclude staff or volunteers with disabilities. However, the work involved in being a Counselor or Activity specialists can sometimes be strenuous, we expect that any person working at Camp will have the ability to supervise and provide for the safety of our campers.

We do not have internet or cellular service on the Ranch, however there is one public phone to be shared by ALL volunteers, so we ask that all phone calls be kept to 3 minutes or less.

The standard activities offered at most camp programs are: Swimming in the lake and pool, Arts & Crafts, Games and Sports, Archery, Canoeing, Gardening, walking and light hiking, Dancing & Singing, and Talent Shows. Additionally, we design unique activities geared towards each camp’s participants to inspire personal growth and adventure.

We request that you arrive at camp/ranch the evening before the first day of camp program you are volunteering for between 4pm – 9pm. (This will allow you time to decorate your cabins for your campers, meet all of the other counselors and activity specialists, and be up bright and early for a mandatory 7am Safety & Evacuation Training and Procedures meeting and breakfast on the first day of camp). Please RSVP if you will be joining us the night before camp. If you are unable to arrive the night before camp begins, then please arrive promptly at 7am for the mandatory Safety & Evacuation Training and Procedures.

It is mandatory that all new volunteers attend the Training & Orientation and that all other volunteers attend if possible. This will give you an opportunity to meet other volunteers you will be working with and to arrange a Car-pool with other volunteers should you desire to drive with others to the ranch/camp.

There is no cost associated with becoming a volunteer at camp. Counselors have the option to purchase (with their own funds) decorations for their cabin in connection with the “theme” of the camp, however it is not mandatory.

We do not provide transportation to camp for volunteers, however attending Training & Orientation will open up the opportunity for you to sign up to be a Chaperone on a bus with campers or to meet someone you may want to carpool with.

• Volunteer positions will be contingent on positive references, criminal background check, and completion of Volunteer Application including a comprehensive Medical History/Physical Questionnaire.

• Smoking is permitted only in designated areas on ranch premises.

• Drinking alcohol and drug use are prohibited, anyone found drinking alcohol and/or using drugs, will be asked to exit ranch property immediately.

• Except for scheduled time off, all volunteer and staff are expected to be “on duty” 24 hours a day. We do our best to schedule each volunteer and staff person at least one 1-hour break daily.

• Everyone at Camp, adults and campers alike, are required to deposit all medications with the onsite medical facility. Medications will be dispensed to campers by the infirmary staff only; adults are permitted to take their own medication by visiting the onsite medical facility.

• We offer limited public refrigeration facilities to store special drinks or food, so bring a cooler (ice is plentiful).