FAQ’s For Campers


During the daytime, we offer you and your fellow campers many activities to experience. Some of the activities available are: Challenge Course, Scavenger Hunt, Archery, Swimming in the Lake or Pool, Games and Sports, Arts and Crafts, Canoeing, Theater, Dance and Music, Videography, Gardening and Nature exploration and hiking.
Usually campers roll out of bed or jump out of bed at 7:00 every morning because they are excited to get started with the day. They dress for the day and brush their teeth and head to breakfast with their cabin group. A delicious Breakfast, with lots of healthy and hearty options, is available at 8:00 every morning. After Breakfast the entire camp gathers at the Outdoor Performance Theatre for camp opening. Then each cabin group heads to their planned activities for the day. Lunch is at 12:00pm everyday followed by more afternoon activities. After your last activity of the day, you and your fellow campers can have some rest time in your cabin or take a shower or play some games. Dinner is at 5:30. Every night we also have different activities such as movies, campfire, camp games, special performances, and Dance night or Carnival. Then it’s back to your cabin by 9:30pm and prepare for bed. Lights out is at 10:00 p.m.

At camp we LOVE water. We drink lots of water and when you’ve had enough water, we have Gatorade options and juice options. Our magnificent Chef and the Food and Beverage team provide us with three scrumptious and nutritious meals daily.  At Breakfast, cereal, granola bars, fresh fruit salad, soy milk, regular milk (whole, 2% and skim) and juices are served every morning; in addition, there can be scrambled eggs and bacon, or pancakes and syrup or breakfast burritos!  For lunch, there is always a salad bar with all the different kinds of toppings and dressings you could ask for, potato salad or macaroni salads are options as well.   And for the main course, we have different daily options such as building your own hamburger, grilled to perfection, with your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup or cheese; on another day, we may have Chicken Fingers, or a Mexican fiesta or an Italian festival. Dessert may be a brownie, cookie, or sliced fruit! Dinner: Pizza and Spaghetti are common favorites and there might be burritos and quesadillas as well. For dessert, there may be cupcakes or Root Beer Floats and of course, some chewy, gooey goodness known as S’mores. For vegetarians/vegans we offer delicious and hearty options as well. If you have allergies or cannot eat certain foods because of diet needs or religious reasons, we make sure that the cook and counselors know this before your camp session begins. Snacks are available anytime during the day or evening – just ask your counselor and she or he will make sure you get a bite to eat between meals.

PARENTS: We take pride in knowing that we can accommodate nearly any special dietary restrictions with a little notice (many of our campers are Gluten sensitive or have various allergies).  It’s important to make note of all dietary restrictions or special needs on the Camper Application so that we can care for them in the best way possible during their stay.  If a camper has strict special dietary needs, we ask the Parents to send a package of food items the camper enjoys to ensure they get ample nutrition while at camp. 

When you arrive at camp your counselor will help move you into your cabin. You will share a cabin with 5 to 7 other campers your own age. Two to Three counselors will also share the cabin with you. The counselors are your teachers, supervisors, and most importantly your friends while you are at camp.
At nighttime, Two to Three counselors will live with you in your cabin. They are there to make sure you are comfortable and feel secure and mostly to be your friends. During the daytime, you will travel with your counselors and fellow campers to all activities. There are also nurses and doctors on site if you need any medical care during your stay at camp.
Every camper who attends has a special need. There may be campers with the same illness or condition that you have or who are experiencing the same situation in life that you are. Some campers may need medications every day and others do not.
Our campers come from Las Vegas, Nevada. Occasionally some campers come from California, Arizona or Utah because they cannot locate a camp made especially for them where they live.
Camp will provide you with a bunk bed and mattress. You will need to bring these basics: A sleeping bag or sheets/blanket, towel and pillow, change of clothes for a 3 to 4 day stay to have fun in, swimsuit, a sweatshirt if it gets chilly at night or in the morning, a flashlight, and other favorite “need to have” items. Once you’re accepted, Camp will send you a full list of what to pack. Remember you are sharing a cabin with 9 others, so space is limited – bring only what you need to be comfortable during your stay with us
Chewing Gum, Bubbles or anything that blows bubbles or is similar to bubbles (attracts bees and wasps), weapons of any type/kind, drugs that are not registered with the Medical Staff, and alcohol.